The photochromic polycarbonate lens changes its tint according to the strength of UV rays. It darkens in bright sun light and returns to clear when the luminosity decreases. Suitable for all kinds of sport, ideally for changing lighting conditions.

Sporty, self-tinting sports sunglasses!

Do you often see yourself exposed to changing lighting conditions, for example the alternation of light and shadow in nature?

Do you want to benefit from a self-tinting lens? Then we have the right product for you with our photochromic adaptice glass.

Frequent changes in light prove to be a strain on our eyes and these can be minimized with our self-tinting photochromic glasses.

In addition, our glasses offer optimal protection against UVA and UVB radiation and better contrast perception.

The polycarbonate panes are break-proof and absorb 100% UV rays. The decentered discs enable high optical performance without distortion.

Another advantage of the scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses is that the lenses can be colored in almost any color, including UV protection.

For sports enthusiasts, our glasses with polycarbonate lenses have become an important part of there activity, but also an important part of everyday life.

The photocromic lens is made of polycarbonate and changes it´s tint due to the strength of the rays of the sun that hit the lenses. In strong light the glasses darken, in weak light the lens becomes brighter. Suitable for all sports, especially in changing weather conditions.

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