50016 ZORDAN

50016 ZORDAN

The polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof and absorb 100 % of UV rays. The decentered lenses offer a high optical quality without distortions. Suitable for all types of usage.

Polycarbonate lenses offer special and very positive properties:

Polycarbonate glasses can be made much thinner than comparable

glasses and are therefore much light in weight.

Another advantage of the scratch-resistant polycarbonate glasses is that the glasses can be colored in almost any color, including UV radiation protection.

For sports enthusiasts, our glasses with polycarbonate lenses have become an important part of their equipment.

The polycarbonate panes are break-proof and absorb 100% UV rays.

The decentered discs enable high optical performance without distortion.

Suitable for every use.

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