Quality, customer proximity, flexibility and speed.

Slokker was launched 25 years ago. Our worldwide appreciation is based on the famous and highly valued, "Italian design", which stands for quality, style and elegance.

Slokker supplies sunglasses, ski goggles, ski helmets, caps, sun protection and accessories of the highest quality for performance and protection. At Slokker, we continuously develop fit, fashion and comfort to create some of the industry branch's newest and most technologically advanced products.

Quality, customer proximity, flexibility and speed.


Grüne Import Paganella GmbH/srl

Buozzistraße 15
I-39100 Bozen (BZ)

Tel. +39 0471 93 41 79
Fax +39 0471 93 42 50
vat-nr. 00134700210



Christiane Gruber


Daniela Santilli

Front office

Gino Sartori

Sales Manager

Herbert Gruber

Management for Wholesale and Foreign Trade

Armin Gostner

Sales Manager

Giovanni Sartori

Chief Procurement Officer

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